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Gastouri Achilleion Corfu

The area of Gastouri, where our villa is located, is widely-known as Achilleion, due to the existence of the historic landmark “Achilleion Palace”, being situated just a few meters away from the central area of Gastouri. Gastouri constitutes an old village on the southern Corfu and is quite close to the town centre as well.

Corfu International Airport 9.1km
Corfu Port 11.9km

Gastouri, being set amidst a hill, offers unparalleled views to the sea and thus it is an ideal destination for those who wish to stay on Corfu and experience amazing holidays.  The oldest part of Gastouri features buildings, having been built into narrow streets, that still sustain the old architecture, while there is a newer part, boasting newly-built buildings and villas. Moreover, the tourist resort of Benitses is located near Gastouri, which is absolutely must-see, since it boasts lovely beaches surrounded by dense vegetation along with a vivid nightlife.

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The Empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Sissy, had chosen the area of Gastouri for constructing her palace over a century ago and still remains one of the major landmarks within Corfu. This exquisite building, featuring the mythical hero Achilles along with many other Greek heroes and the nine muses, is situated within a fabulous garden overlooking the amazing blue sea.



The tourist resort of Benitses, situated within 4km away from Gastouri, constitutes a famous destination that used to be packed during the 80s and still boasts a vivid nightlife, since it features numerous bars, cafeterias and restaurants. There is also a marina in this place, where private yachts and boats anchor in order to explore the region and nearby places.


Kaiser Bridge

Kaiser Bridge is located on the way to Gastouri and Benitses. After Kaiser Wilhelm II had purchased the Achilleion palace, this bridge was built as a private road, connecting the gardens of the Palace with the sea, so that Kaiser was able to have an easy access to the beach. The bridge was partially destroyed during the Second World War in order to facilitate army vehicles’ transportation. Some parts of the bridge are still being preserved due to their historic significance.

About Corfu

One of the greenest islands in the Mediterranean

Long favoured by the Gods, the world famous island of Corfu remains high on people’s list of favourite destinations. Whether you are looking for a quiet holiday away from the hustle and bustle or hoping to mingle in the cosmopolitan hotspots, Corfu has it all.

The UNESCO world heritage site of old Corfu Town boasts a unique mixture of European architecture as a result of the various affiliations throughout its history.  Narrow, cobbled streets give way to the majestic square and breathtaking fortresses, trendy cafes, restaurants  and shops to suit all needs and budgets.

Corfu is heralded as one of the greenest islands in the Mediterranean and is gifted with stunning beaches and scenery. Consisting mainly of century -old olive groves, even the drive to your destination will make you feel like you have taken a step back in time. The west coast is made up of long sandy beaches in the south and crystal clear, deeper water on the north-west coast. The east of Corfu, where Corfu Villa 360 is situated boasts  intimate, pebbled beaches and are often dotted with traditional local tavernas serving fresh fish and local specialities.

Nothing was left to chance when selecting the location for Corfu Villa 360. Just as the Empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Sissy, had chosen the spot for her palace over a century ago, this villa lies slightly to the south of the palace, on the east facing slope of the mountain  overlooking the overwhelming blue of the Ionian Sea and offering panoramic views of both the Greek mainland and Albania to the north, not to mention the lush vegetation of the island itself.

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